1983 Porsche 928S Auto 160k Clean Carfax Never Wrecked Fastest Street Legal US Production Car In 198 - Southwest RV and Marine Boats for Sale in Austin, Texas
1983 Porsche 928S Auto 160k Clean Carfax Never Wrecked Fastest Street Legal US Production Car In 198

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1983 Porsche 928S Auto 160k Clean Carfax Never Wrecked Fastest Street Legal US Production Car In 198

Long Description:

In 1980'S the Porsche 928 S was one of the fastest cars available to the american public. 1983 the first year of the S (SPORT) added larger engine bigger tires higher gearing among other things that made the 1983 928S THE FASTEST STREET LEGAL PRODUCTION CAR SOLD IN THE US (1983 Porsche sales literature and keep in mind 1983 was the only year the corvette had not been produced since 1953) Europe always had an S version of the 928 - Americans had to wait or do a conversion with a once in a lifetime exemption from EPA - it was easier to go to the Porsche store in 1983 and drop $43,000.00- NADA VALUES TODAY $19,000 Perfect $14,400 Not So Perfect $10,000 trashed but intact and un wrecked. Yes there's one on Craigslist for $7500 plan on dropping another 3 or 4 - you can drive this one daily and ur girl/guy will think you paid a lot more. 

Weight 3365 lbs Wheelbase 98.4" Length 175.5" Width 72.3" Height 50.5" Trunk Space 50 Kilos or Two Bodies kidding in the 80's bodies were left where they fell and the cargo area  in the 928 was more for carrying the cash esp with rear seats down. 
Engine SOHC  V8 Front Bore x Stroke 3.82 x 3.11" Displacement 285 Cu In 4.7 Liter Compression Ratio 10:1 Bhp@rpm 234/175 Torque @rpm 263/357 Bosch L-Jetronic Injection (remember kids by the 1980's the democrats had killed off muscle cars you can still see them at the Barrett Jackson Auction for a $150,000 or drop $150k on a new viper or spend $10k and be happy.)

1/4 mile time 15.4 secs @ 92 mph
0-60 7.0 secs
0-100 22.3 secs
Braking 156' from 60 mph ...280' from 80 mph (don't tailgate)

What I Really Like About the 1983 928S ? Its timeless style - it was cool then - it's cool now and it will be cool when we are dead and gone and it's German - you can drive it every day and it doesn't fall apart if you maintain it religiously.

928's were originally designed and produced to replace the rear engine 911. they were produced from 1978 to 1995. From 1980 - 1983 8,315 928S's Were 
Produced World-Wide Comparably In 1984 51,547 Corvettes were produced. 80% of 928 were automatic.   

Here's what I know although think it would be cool to run the registration history and cross reference it with zip code and criminal and divorce records - ya never now ...wonder what Cullen Davis' 928S would be worth at auction??? It Came From Ft Worth you know Black Gold...Texas Tea I assure you Oil Money Bought More Than One 928S in 1983 (oil market crashed in 83)

Purchased New in Ft Worth TX 05/27/83 Second Owner 07/17/91 TX Third Owner 02/16/93 TX 4th Owner 04/01/00 Mileage Recorded As 116,585 5th Owner 3/19/12 148,000 ,,,, Normally I wouldn't buy a 928 with this many owners or mileage however.... the car shows no accidents and its a north Texas Car prob garage kept and dealer maintained, someone either restored the interior to factory specs or replaced it. The car was repainted and although it is not the exact original platinum (risky business) color and the door jamms inside fender etc I've gotten more compliments on the platinum metal flake paint than any car I've ever driven, Car Runs and Drives excellent. I changed oil, Cap Rotors Plugs, 4 New Tires Replaced Fuel Pump and tweak a few things. I plan on replacing the sound system head, servicing the transmission replacing the hood bonnet/heat shield and color sanding the paint. $8000 as is TODAY $10,000 Complete... OR  $10K if I Finance Today $12,000 Complete and Financed.  THIS CAR WILL NEVER DEPRECIATE IT WILL ONLY GAIN IN VALUE IF YOU TAKE CARE OF IT. IM ALWAYS INTERESTED IN TRADES AND I'LL FINANCE $4K DOWN PLUS TTL FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE $500 MONTH THROUGH CASH CAR KINGS LICENSED DEALER LICENSED FINANCE COMPANY AND LEGAL OWNER OF THE CAR. CAR CAN DISPLAYED AND SHOWN AT 19621 FM 1431 JONESTOWN TX 78645 BY APPOINTMENT BUT CAN ONLY BE SOLD IN THE OFFICE OF CASH CAR KINGS 9725 NORTH IH 35 AUSTIN TX 78753 - JUST NORTH OF RUNDBERG ON I35  ALL PRICES ARE PLUS TTL DOC FEES AND MUST BE COLLECTED AT TIME OF SALE AND REGISTERED BY THE DEALER WITHIN 21 DAYS TEMPORARY TAGS ISSUED AT TIME OF SALE PERMANENT TAGS MAY BE PICKED AT CASH CAR KINGS OFFICE NORMALLY WITHIN 7 DAYS


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